Finding Glory Group Discussion Guide (PDF Download)


This FG Group Discussion Guide is designed as a companion resource for use with the book Finding Glory in the Thorns. While the book can be used as a private reflection tool and journal, we strongly recommend that you gather in a group for discussion. God will magnify His work in you and through you as you allow your journey to intersect with the experiences of others.

In the midst of challenges, you can find God’s answers to tough questions, know you have value in the Divine Plan, be encouraged on your journey and grow with others along the way.

Practical, Bible-based, easy-to-use 7-week format

About the Authors
Larry and Lisa Jamieson, international speakers and authors of Finding Glory in the Thorns, are passionate advocates for marriages and families facing the bumpy journey heavenward.

“I found the book and questions thought-provoking.”

“Gave us a launchpad for discussion.”

“I learned how to glorify God, not my problems.”

“Our Sunday School class started participating because things from your experiences sparked a commonality.”

“I was scared to relive heartbreaking memories but it did the opposite…affirmed that Jesus has a purpose for my journey.”

“Helped me turn a corner. I’m not angry at God any more.”